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  • Arthritis Pain
  • Muscle Injury
  • Carpal Tunnel
  • Joint Pain
  • Posture Problems
  • Sleep Disorders
  • Menopausal Discomforts
  • Osteoporosis

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Group with the yoga energy mat

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KungYo - the fusion of Classical Yoga and Spiritual Martial Arts to open up energy channels in the body through various movements, poses, correct body alignment, and breathing. - is a powerful, yet easy to learn, natural healing technique.

Leah with the yoga energy mat

Leah with the yoga energy mat

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Donna Leigh

Magnet Therapy Pain Relief and Healing on the Yoga Energy Mat WITHOUT EXERCISE


The Steven Leigh YOGA ENERGY MATTM is a stylish Environment Friendly, All Natural Jute Mat for men, women and children, incorporates the benefits of healing and energizing Magnet Therapy.

Steven Leigh, creator age 55
"I rejuvenated with Yoga, Magnet Therapy, and Chi Gong Breathing."

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The YOGA ENERGY MAT was developed to enhance the human bodies "Internal Battery" of Electro Magnetic Force (EMF), with or without exercise, through the safe use of Magnet Therapy placed permanently on a Yoga mat.

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"I keep myself looking and feeling young with the Yoga Energy Mat!"


There are 46 Ferrite Healing Anisotropic Bio Magnets permanently fastened to the YOGA ENERGY MAT. These same type of magnets are utilized in medical machines, such as NMR, diagnostic imaging, and Magnet Therapy health-care products such as mattresses, pillows, cushions, insoles, athletic wraps, acupuncture, and bracelets.

The Yoga Energy Mat
Smells great! No "rubber off-gas"
68 inches long by 24 inches wide


Be Kind to Mother Earth

Jute is a natural fiber from a vegetable plant. It is a sustainable resource because it only takes 4 to 5 months to grow to maturity. Jute consumes carbon dioxide, cleaning the air and jute leaves are a rich soil conditioner.

The YOGA ENERGY MAT is made from Jute and PER (Polymer Environmental Resin). It is Latex-Free, FDA approved, safe for workers during manufacture, 100% biodegradable, Eco - Friendly, and has been awarded with many International Environmental Certificates.

Patents and certificates about Jute

The YOGA ENERGY MAT is textured and cushioned and has great durability and grip. For maximum life, wash by hand.

The Yoga Energy Mat special package

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Magnets in hand

HOW MAGNET THERAPY WORK Magnet Therapy is a form of alternative medicine that has been practiced in the East and many other regions of the world for over 4000 years. Some ancient civilizations, including the Asians, Egyptians, Indians, and Greeks, used magnets as part of magnetic amulets and to promote self-healing. According to some theories, Magnet Therapy can be applied to certain parts of the body to relieve pain, reduce inflammation, and help the body recover from injuries. When applied near or against the skin, magnets can theoretically also help with muscle relaxation, blood circulation, and fluid retention.

Energy with the magnets

ENERGY and MAGNET THERAPY All Matter contains electrical energy, from the smallest protons and electrons spinning around the nucleus of an atom to the planets of our Solar System orbiting around the sun. The North and South Poles of the Earth, Ocean Tide Changes affected by the Moon, and a car battery's Positive and Negative terminals are simple examples of electrical energy all around us. Magnets also have a North and South pole and every cell within our human bodies have Positive and Negative charged ions.

Steven Leigh

STEVEN LEIGH Steven Leigh has spent over 40 years practicing and studying the healing arts of Yoga, Chi Gong, Martial Arts and Magnetic Therapy. His experiences range from a BS in Physical Education with an emphasis in Kinesiology to full contact physical combat and starring roles in Action Films as well as many appearances in TV. As years of wear and tear built up on his body he changed his Path and at the age of 43, Leigh embarked on an intense 8 year sabbatical, healing himself through YOGA, CHI GONG, and HEALING MAGNETS, blending over 4 decades of experience into an art he calls KUNG YO. For more information on Kungyo, please visit

HOW Magnet Therapy WORKs

The magnet "Experts have shown increased blood flow as much as 300% when the finger is subjected to a magnetic field for five minutes or more. Increased circulation speeds fluid exchange, flushing away lactic acid and other pain causing chemistry at a faster rate."

"Blood carries charged ion particles...when blood passes through a magnetic field, the charged Negative and Positive ion particles separate (known as the Hall Effect). The Alternating Bi-Polar pattern forces the particles into continuous movement, producing Thermal Energy...increasing blood fow rate, increased oxygen and nutrients, and the removal of toxins. Pain is reduced because of a combination of the Hall Effect and a reduction of Stress on the body's autonomic nervous system. Healing can occur due an increase production of adenosine triphosphate (ATP). ATP transfers Energy within the cells for Metabolism."

* Optimum Energy and Stamina - Dr. Kioichi Nakagawa, from his famous work, "Magnetic Deficiency Syndrome"..."As cells perform their daily functions, they become de-polarized. If sufficient Magnetic energy is unavailable, the body becomes tired and run down. A Supplementary Magnetic Field ensures vital magnetic energy is available to polarize the cells- resulting in Increased Energy and Well Being. Worldwide Athletes have used magnets to Accelerate Recovery, Improve Performance and Increase Strength."
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* Harmony and Balance - "Magnet Therapy assists the body re-gain its self-healing electromagnetic balance naturally. Science indicates that humans may be able to support the balance of our Central Nervous System and the Healing Process with the help of Magnets."...Ken Wianco MD. FRCS(C), FACS.
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Steven Leigh in Hammer position



This simple fact is the root of the development of bio-electrical energy within the human body, which can lead to the Holistic Healing and Rejuvenation Properties of Yoga, Tai Chi, Magnetic Therapy, and Chi Gong.

Dr. Yang, Jwing -Ming, an internationally renowned Chi Gong scholar and Martial Art Expert of, illustrates examples of Magnetic Energy and its relationship in Qi Gong development in The Root of Chinese Qigong, Secrets for Health, Longevity, and Enlightenment.

The earth is giant magnet, proven by the simple arrow of any hand-held compass. The human body is composed of many different electrically conductive materials, forming a living electromagnetic field and circuit. As a piece of steel becomes a magnet when placed inside of a magnetic field, the human body is also a magnet, affected by the Earth's Magnetic Field. This is because the spinal cord is composed of highly electric conductive fibers that connect the head to the sacrum. The Energy Chakras and Triple Warmers of Traditional Chinese Medicine run up and down the entire length of the spinal column.

The energy between the Earth and Moon is so powerful that Ashtanga Yoga does not practice on the Full Moon. Pattabhi Jois, the founder of Ashtanga, has even said there may be more chance of injury during this time of every month. To coordinate and maximize their Internal Power with the earth's magnetic flow, serious Chi Gong followers will practice at specific times of the day, facing specific directions, depending on their location (North or South of the equator) and day of the year.

Science calls the living energy inside our bodies Electromagnetic Force (EMF). Yoga calls it Prana. Qi Gong calls it "Chi", as in Tai Chi. Japanese calls it "Ki", as in Aikido. Generation of EMF in the human body can come from:

  1. The conversion of Food and Air into bio-electrical energy will generate EMF for circulation
  2. Exercise-Muscular contraction stimulates EMF in the exercised area
  3. From the Mind - Focused Thought through Still Meditation or the Mind sending electrical impulses for muscular movement both generate EMF
  4. From Natural Sources like the Sun, Moon, or an External Source like a magnet.

Steven Leigh's TM YOGA ENERGY MAT (patent pending) was developed to enhance the human bodies "Internal Battery" of EMF, with or without exercise, through the safe use of Magnet Therapy placed permanently on a Natural Jute Yoga mat.

Steven Leigh on yoga energy mat

Just as a piece of steel becomes a magnet when placed inside a magnetic field and we are "living magnets" inside the Earth's Magnetic field, by placing yourself within the Magnetic Therapy of the Yoga Energy Mat, your bio-electrical field should increase naturally. Proper food, slow deep breathing, focused positive thought, and exercise should greatly enhance your EMF in a natural way.


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Yoga Energy Mat - a fusion of traditional eastern healing methods with scientific breakthroughs of the 21st Century